Alex is an amazing photographer and a wonderful person. I first met Alex in Georgia when she took our engagement pictures at a garden venue. My husband and I were nervous and didn’t think we could take good pictures, but Alex made us feel relaxed and happy and she captured natural, candid moments into beautiful pictures. I’ve always wanted to get married in a garden, and Alex has an eye for capturing the natural beauty of greenery and sunlight. By the end of the session, I knew Alex was the one I wanted to capture my wedding day in Virginia. 

Alex kept in touch the entire year I planned my intimate wedding weekend and initiated a planning session a month out. She came prepared and helped create a detailed day-of schedule and shot list. Her experience in wedding photography and planning was evident and she was so helpful. Alex kept me updated on her travel from Georgia to Virginia so I didn’t stress, I really appreciated that she got there early on my wedding day to scout out the venue. Alex was immediately friendly with my other vendors. She worked seamlessly with my venue coordinator to organize what she needed behind the scenes. During the event I saw Alex coordinating directly with them to get family and friends in the right spot for the group shots to go by quickly and smoothly.

The first time we met, Alex told me that the most important part of a picture is remembering how you felt in that moment it was taken. Her words stuck with me and are why I can’t recommend her enough to any bride on their wedding day. Alex got to know me during our planning and listened to the details and feelings that were important to me. Looking at her finished work, she absolutely captured the magic of our day. Every single detail I told her was important to me, like my grandmother’s pearls and my husband’s military sword, she made a point to highlight in both posed and candid photos. My husband and I were having so much fun with our guests and I absolutely loved that Alex captured the moments we were in. We have wonderful shots of us with our friends just absolutely beaming with happiness because Alex is so great at her craft and intuitive about what we wanted. She fit right in with my friends and family at my small wedding and my mother loved her.

For the formal wedding portraits, Alex remembered that we had started out shy and unsure of how to pose during our engagement pictures, so she came prepared with sample pictures for each location so we could replicate the poses! I was so impressed by this because she picked poses based off my favorite ones from the engagement shoot! 

After the wedding, Alex quickly sent me a sneak peak and I was so blown away I cried. When I saw the entire set of photos I couldn’t believe how beautifully they were taken and edited. She had used the greenery and flowers from the garden venue almost as props in composing our photos, and used flattering angles and perfect lighting. I know my hair was frizzy from humidity and somehow she edited it to look perfect. She delivered so many more photos than I expected, and they’re all such high quality. The service she uses to share pictures was really easy to use.

There just aren’t enough words for how highly I recommend Alex. Our communication was effortless, she was a wonderful person to have with me on my wedding day, and she skillfully captured the most special moments of my life. Absolutely blown away by her attention to detail and the way she used my garden venue’s natural beauty to make our photos stunning.